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Fenix Custom Face Masks

The Covid-19 Pandemic has been a huge challenge for all of us, not only in the retail industry but across all walks of life.

To combat the spread of the virus, we are now producing premium quality custom face masks that are effective in containing the virus while remaining comfortable and breathable for the wearer.

In addition, we are offering customers the ability to make any design they want on the masks, which is ideal for companies who wish to have their staff or clients kitted out in branded masks.

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Polyester Face Mask

This mask is made with 100% polyester and is usable for up to 14 washes. The mask has a 3D shape to fit your face comfortably, is recyclable after use, and also comes with anti-odor properties built in.

The Polyester mask is the most versatile of the masks we have on offer, as we can produce these in any design, virtue of sublimation printing. So if you’re looking for a mask for your company with big branding across the front, this is the option for you.

Nano-Zinc Face Mask

The Nano-Zinc compound is best known for its UV protective and anti-bacterial properties, which ideal for the safety and durability of face-masks during these worrying times.

Longer lasting than the Polyester mask – will last at least 20-30 washes – this Nano-Zinc mask is also made with cotton to allow for added breathability.

If you plan on wearing face-masks when doing light exercise, this mask will allow you to breathe more comfortably.

The downside of the Nano-Zinc is that we are not able to do full printing across the whole surface, as the printing process damages the efficacy of the mask. However, we are offering smaller logos on the mask which will be applied by heat transfer.

Nano-Zinc Premium Face Mask

As the name suggests, this option is similar to the Nano-Zinc mask, but the crucial difference is that it comes with an adjustable nose bridge for an extra secure fit.

One of the keys to helping prevent the spread of the Covid-19 is to wear masks secure to your face in order to minimize leakage of your breath and air particles. The nose-bridge support offered in this mask will contort to the exact shape of your nose and ensure a snug fit without impacting on breathability.

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